Rethinking insights to make sense of sustainability.

Our intelligent 360° analytics infrastructure accelerates your transition to a regenerative and net-positive future.

Create a unified view of all your information sources.

Rotion's technology infrastructure loves complex data and lots of it - which is pretty unique. With 80% of data science time currently being spent organizing data, and less than 50% of that organized data even used in decision making, Rotion is solving a big problem. It’s easy, fast, and flexible. 


Rotion can be run on any combination of the major cloud platforms. It processes up to 15,000 data messages per second. It works for any sustainability use case across all industries. This means more time spent learning, strategizing, and taking action — and less time sorting through mindless spreadsheets.

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Rotion fits perfectly into your existing
sustainability toolkits and workflows. 

1. Link


We'll neatly integrate Rotion's sensemaking magic directly into your current technology stacks and platforms. Use our native dashboard or view everything through your own environment.

2. Stream


We've designed Rotion to like all kinds of information. There's no need to sort through documents for us! Rotion can process and organize any file type, which saves you time.

3. Target


Our real-time visualizations can measure any area of focus from emissions and business travel impact to biodiversity metrics and soil acidity. Ever wondered what you don't know?

4. Model outcomes.

Imagine forecasting contextual results before you take action and make moves. Rotion lets you do just that, making decision-making a little less scary and a whole lot smarter.

Our infrastructure is powered by humans and technology working together to establish one place for measuring and managing planetary, economic, and societal impact.

Our North Star.

It's time for a positive approach. This 'code red' climate crisis is concerning, but you won't find 'doomsday' talk at Rotion.

We're optimistic. We see potential instead of pessimism.

Let's change the negative narrative. Rotion brings seriously smart (and proven!) technology to seriously important global needs.

A holistically sustainable way of life requires many technological solutions. We seek to enhance as many as we can.

Reaching endless interrelated use cases means being able to serve the ultimate customer; our interconnected planet.

Rotion gets people excited again about change, tomorrow, and shaping flourishing systems.

Our North Star.

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